Bespoke Creations

Madeline particularly likes working with clients to create a bespoke  piece of jewellery.

She would be happy to discuss your requirements, whether it is for a small personalized charm to add to a loved ones bracelet, or a stunning original engagement ring. She has many years experience in bringing a customers' ideas to life. 

She is also able to re-design and re-mount your precious  jewellery that may remain unworn because of changing styles.

To find out more about the commissioning process, click here


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  • P1010008
  • old cut diamond solitaire
  • diamond solitaire
  • Aquamarine and diamond ring
  • Rose gold emerald ring
  • 9 carat gold signet ring
  • sapphire and diamond pendant
  • white gold and tourmaline
  • oxidised silver robin set with rubies and black diamonds
  • diamond butterfly ring 18 carat
  • diamond cluster ring